Left 4 Dead game cheats

left4dead2-1In 2008- a first-person shooter game was released to the gaming world which grabbed the gaming world by storm. This game was brought forward to the world by Valve, who brought the popular games like Counterstrike and Half-life.

This was well regarded upon its release. And with providing a movie like an experience it was hailed by the critics as well as the players alike. The game was able to win several awards and a distinction from Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences as well as from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. With the popularity of the first installment, they were able to make a sequel 2010 called Left 4 Dead 2 “The Sacrifice”. This new sequel introduced cross-platform multiplayer assistance for both Windows and MAC operating systems.

Now let’s have a look at few cheats available for Left 4 Dead.

For you to use the cheats first, you should have obtained the cheat console from the game itself. To activate it simply proceed to the main menu, select options, afterwards select Keyboard/mouse and then enable allow Developer console. Later during the actual play, you can press the (~) key to pop up the console. Finally, you must type “sv_cheats 1” and hit enter to enable a vast selection of cheat codes.

To remove all bots, you can use the code “Ent_Remove”. Many of you crave for unlimited ammunition and this cheat will provide you exactly that “Unlimited Ammunition”. Suddenly to obtain a pistol you can use the code “give pistol”. lnvincibility can be a handy weapon when on the game and it can be easily activated by typing “god”. To toggle to no clipping mode, you can enter the code “noclip” and if you are running out of ammunition and need a full refill you can use the cheat code “give ammo”. The cheat code “z_spawn weapon_SMG” will provide you the SMG.

If you want to make your player say anything, you can use the code “Vocalize” and if you want to spawn a zombie horde you can use the cheat code “z_spawn mob”. And if you require to spawn a special infected character simply type the code “z_spawn <bossname>” and enter the name you prefer. To obtain your self an MK47 a machine gun you can use the code “give rifle”. you can control the damage that you want to do to the survivors by entering the code “z_pounce_damage X” to the console.

You can make your bot teammate shoot nonstop by entering the code “sb_openfire or open_fire”. You can force a panic event by entering the code “director_force_panic” and you also can change the speed of the zombies by entering “z_speed”. To give your self a pipe bomb makes sure to hit “give pipe_bomb” and either to give your self a propane tank or oxygen tank you can enter codes respectively, “give propanetank” I “give oxygentank”. If you are in need of repair or health, you can use the code “give first_aid_kit”. You can easily unlock the achievements while you are using the cheats and once you enter the code “sv_cheats 1” and enter “retry” and the game will restart so you will be able to keep on enjoying your cheats.