Did You Know Valve Has Not Yet Ceased Game Releases?

It is set to be smoky at San Diego Comic-Con by the upcoming game releases by Valve. Did you say Valve? Yes, that’s exactly what I said. I know it is a surprise to you because you thought Valve has dashed away game releases. No, just because it has stayed for some time without a major game release doesn’t mean they have stopped creating games.

Their distribution service called Steam is daily giving new faces on their website and the recent one has been making a tab in their homepage known as Popular Upcoming. This has eliminated the full list which used to display in the page. Steam is set to make your search even more personalized, no matter the kind of game, movie or anything you are looking for, they got you covered.

When you log in to their Upcoming Releases page, you will see more detailed information on the kinds of games that are related to the games you like. They provide raw and unrefined information about the games. This is a major improvement according to Valve. Valve Corporation was founded in 1996 and has been on the rise releasing outstanding games that have blown the minds of game lovers.

valve-number-3The Big Question

The major question at the moment is, “when are they going to release Left for Dead 3, Half-Life 3 or any other game that end with a 3?” That’s exactly what’s in your mind and the minds of many. The funny thing is, Valve has got real surprises for you that are cooking in their kitchen and most of these game releases are top secret.

When Valve talks about the top secret, many even get more eager to know what really could be cooking; and the obvious in the minds of many is “the 3" game version of Half-Life and Left for Dead. Well, only time can tell; we just have to stay connected to their website and hope one day, perhaps, this year, they will release hot goodies.

Set Game Releases

Nevertheless, they have made public some games they are set to release soon which are also a great deal for you to watch out for before the Left for Dead and Half-Life emerge. Some of these known games include Artifact which was designed by Richard Garfield and set to be released by November 28th, 2018. It will be using Windows, MacOS, and Linux but come 2019, it will incorporate iOS and Android.

The other known game release is “In the Valley of Gods” which is developed by Campo Santo and set to be released by 2019. It will be using Windows, macOS, and Linux systems. When you visit the Steam popular upcoming releases tab, you will see others like Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 be released on 29th August 2018, Path of Sin: Greed by August 30th 2018, 90’s Football Stars, Runes of Magic which is free to play released by end August 2018, and Gun Godz released by Aug 31 2018 among others.

When it reaches to such a point, the only thing is to wait and see when Valve will complete their long developments of Half-Life 2: Episode 3 and 4, Prospero, The Crossing, Stars of Blood, and the Untitled Half-Life 2 episode among others. Just keep yourself updated.